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SRHE News Quiz 2020

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Ian McNay, bereft at the news that the SRHE Cryptic Crossword was no more, decided to invent an alternative challenge for the festive season. Here, with suitably global reach, is the result – the SRHE News Quiz 2020. Each answer is the name of a university. We could have called it University Challenge, but that might have been misleading – University Challenge is a TV programme. However we do recognise that the name may still be misleading. This is a quiz in SRHE News (and Blog), but it is not a news quiz. The News Quiz is a radio programme. This isn’t a radio programme (or a TV programme), and it’s not about news. But it is a quiz. We hope that’s cleared things up.

The answers will appear in the January issue of SRHE News, so you have just a couple of weeks to find all 20. If you email with the answers before 7 January we’ll mention your name in the January issue.  

  1. Was it locked down or up for Covid?
  2. The Queen’s prison?
  3. NOT an historically black university
  4. The original European saucy source
  5. Generally sunk by Thatcher
  6. A Great Easterner in West London
  7. Where Polly sat among the Ashes
  8. Martin? Or Midlands triangle?
  9. Gillian’s Celtic clan in the new world
  10. Could be a mere rake
  11. Helen’s lover with many numbers
  12. 1952 Olympics
  13. Another aristocrat, but not ‘of Edinburgh’
  14. Shakespeare’s kingmaker
  15. Don Quixote’s home region
  16. Now Ghana but it seems to have moved
  17. In England and Canada, battling in vain
  18. Italian wisdom
  19. Do its graduands wear cowboy hats?
  20. An objective Latin female?

For answers, view page 2:

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